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Book Sterilization Machine

Book Sterilization Machine is specially designed for sterilizing books.

It is well adapted to carry pathogens such as influenza virus (H1N1), bacillus colon, mold, dust, etc.

Chemicals such as ammonia, formaldehyde or xylene released during book production are known as deadly cancer-causing substances.

Bookworms attack books and even cause skin diseases in readers.

Book Sterilization Machine has a sterilization rate of over 99.9% in 1 minute. UV-C light damages DNA but cannot penetrate barriers. Only the surfaces it touches can be sterilized. Semi-automatic longitudinal bookshelves allow books to be easily secured regardless of thickness and paper type. The air blast device slowly delivers constant air from the bottom of the books to ensure that each page of the book is evenly separated to avoid any blind spots. Thus, UV rays effectively affect all pages and provide disinfection results. In this way, dust and foreign materials adhering to the books can be shaken off during this process. An effective dust filter can capture microscopic substances without producing harmful ozone or carbon dioxide, which guarantees clean circulation air in the sterilization room.


T.R. Presidential State Archives Directorate
T.R. Ministry of Defense Archives and Military History Department
T.R. Ministry of Culture
T.R. Naval Forces Command Naval Archive
T.R. General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre Land Registry Archive
Istanbul Bilgi University
Istanbul Naval Museum
Diyarbakır Cultural and Natural Heritage Ancient Virgin Mary Church