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Restoration and Conservation Equipments

Integrated Pest Management Products

Veloxy :

VELOXY® is an Anoxic-based system that allows the destruction of harmful insects / Microorganisms (bacteria, fungi and mold, etc.) on Cultural Heritage Materials. The system performs the disinfection process without harming Cultural Heritage and People.

The anoxia method used by the Veloxy System eliminates pests and microorganisms by simply depriving the working environment of oxygen for a few weeks. The VELOXY® System and intervention protocol are still the only protocols validated by scientific method in the laboratory.

The legality of the VELOXY ® system has been certified with reference to the SAVE ART (1998-2000) research project, which the European Union funded to promote a time-effective, easy-to-use and inexpensive technology against parasites that does not harm people, the environment and works of art. . Four ministry laboratories (Italy, Spain, England and Sweden) took part in the project and analyzed the effectiveness of this method and machine to make the project functional. The report on the successful use of this method was presented for the first time at the Congress held in Rio de Janeiro in 2003.

The SAVE ART Project has produced operational protocols to implement the anoxia method. These protocols have been fully adopted by all operators and SAVE ART has allowed the implementation of this method.


CONSERVER® is a vacuum preservation device specifically for organic and non-organic cultural materials;

CONSERVER® has been designed for Archives, Libraries and Museums, and it constantly develops it in accordance with the real needs of Archive, Library and Museum managers and ensures its success with its widespread use.

CONSERVER® eliminates air contained within a special clear plastic film (bag) enclosure by creating an adjustable level of vacuum and then creates a tight seal for the enclosure. The transparent plastic film in question also has special properties such as air and water vapor impermeability.

To increase long-term preservation capacity, CONSERVER®  can be equipped with an optional device that allows replacing air with nitrogen if desired. Anoxic bags can be used for disinfection, disaster recovery (floods), and slowing oxidation and damage caused by light.

CONSERVER® was produced in the early 2000s based on the real needs of some Archives, Library and Museum managers.


The main causes of degradation of cultural materials are biological. Xylophageal insects, fungi, molds and bacteria; It causes huge, irreparable damage to the priceless collections in museums, archives and libraries. In general, all of these relics and stocks of cultural materials are partially or significantly damaged by infection and infestation.

Therefore, it was developed as an innovative device around the ABIOS® European Project (2005-2007), with the participation of the University of Rome, NILU Institute (Norway), Mycoteam (Norway), AMOS (Belgium) and the National Museum Krakow (Poland).

ABIOS® uses short-wavelength UV light to kill airborne spores and bacteria. Direct UV irradiation is not performed on the materials, but is inhibited by the specific design features of ABIOS® and the development of fluid dynamics geometry. Moreover, ozone formation in the environment does not occur as a result of adapting optical-opaque filters to the wavelength range responsible for ozone formation.

ABIOS® also contains a special catalyst supported by an aluminum honeycomb structure to completely eliminate traces of ozone through recycling to O2.

ABIOS®, With the test results, it was observed that the ozone concentration decreased to lower values ​​than those found in the laboratory before ABIOS® application.

Regarding disinfection, according to the test results carried out at the Università di Roma La Sapienza Microbiology Laboratory, a 99.98% reduction in microbial activity was recorded within 12 hours in a 40 cubic meter test room.

Dust Removal Products

Museum Type Vacuum Cleaner:

  • The cleaner, which can be used to suck the dust in hard-to-reach places on the Cultural Material and to remove the dust from the material by blowing air, is lightweight and portable.
  • The cleaner’s hose can be extended to at least 120 cm, so it can be easily used to remove dust on large materials.
  • The filtration system is equipped with a 6-stage “HEPA” filter that retains 99.97% of 0.3 micron dust particles, mold, bacteria and mites.
  • The cleaner can be manually adjusted to 400W, 500W, 1100W suction power.
  • Maximum Drawing power is up to 2300 Mbar.
  • It can draw at least 47 liters of air per minute and its dust filter capacity is 1.2 liters.
  • Manufactured specifically by Muntz BlowVac to ISO 7 commitment ( ISO 14644-1 CLEANING CLASSIFICATION).


  • It provides a healthy and hygienic solution for Cultural Heritage Sensitive Documents, Notebooks and books. The work area is closed for operator health.
  • The operator can access and work in the closed working area from outside using gloves.
  • The station has an internal and external vacuum cleaner, and with the Hepa filter vacuum cleaner both inside and outside, all kinds of dust, particles, bacteria and other harmful creatures that occur when working indoors can be cleaned.
  • Since the External Vacuum cleaner and station are on wheels, they can be moved to any location.
  • External Vacuum cleaner Filter efficiency is < 1 micron.
  • External Vacuum cleaner unit is in IP 55 protection class.
  • The dusting station area can be wide and deep enough to fit a full size notebook/book when fully opened.


  • Automatic Dust Removal System for Book/Notebook Bound Material
  • The system automatically cleans bound materials such as books/notebooks from dust and accompanying particles, bacteria and other harmful creatures.
  • It provides the most effective dust removal process with special bristle brushes, bristle brushes are not catalyzed.
  • Dust suction and collection is carried out with a special air filter system.
  • Brush System can automatically adjust according to book size.
  • Bound material in sizes up to 140 x 300 x 400h can be cleaned.
  • Can clean 15 items per minute.
  • It is lightweight thanks to its completely Aluminum and PlexiGlass design.
  • It is suitable for mobile use with its 2 (two) movable and 2 (two) fixed wheel system.
  • It can operate the Vacuum System with Single Phase Electricity Supply.
  • It provides effective dust purification with 2 (two) filters (one of which is HEPA).

Acidification Products

Bookkeeper Spray System and Bookkeeper Spray System Fluids:

Bookkeeper is a groundbreaking deacidification process. Safely neutralizes acids and increases paper life by three to five times that of untreated papers.

Tests conducted by leading research laboratories have proven the safety and effectiveness of the Bookkeeper process. Tests have shown that the buffering agent distributed evenly on the surface of the paper does not disrupt the integrity of the ink and does not damage adhesives and cloth bindings.

Bookkeeper Spray System consists of a 7.5lt pressure tank, spray tip and an air compressor. It is suitable for use on documents with larger surface areas. Bookkeeper refill containers weigh 6.35 kg. The system is easy to use and designed for the economical preservation of numerous or large-sized maps and documents.

With Bookkeeper spray products, you can safely protect manuscripts, documents, clippings, maps, posters and other paper-based materials in modern archives/libraries/museums.

Bookkeeper spray products are odorless and dry in a few minutes. It does not block your breath, is not dangerous, toxic or flammable. It contains no CFC (Chloro Fluoro Carbon gas) and is completely safe for the environment.

Bookkeeper Spray System is suitable for use on documents with larger surface areas.

It is offered in 6.35 kg, 900 gr and 150 gr bottles for effective use. 150 gr bottles are also spray equipped.

Restoration and Conservation Products

BlueNAS provides its customers with products from the world’s leading manufacturers of restoration and conservation products.

Equipment and Tools

  1. Book Repair Equipment
  2. Cleaning equipment
  3. Protection Equipment
  4. Protection Tools
  5. Cutters and Trimmers
  6. Gasification Solutions and Equipment
  7. Lighting Solutions
  8. pH Measurement Equipment
  9. Assembly Construction Tools
  10. Sealing Systems
  11. Suction Tables
  12. Imaging Systems
  13. Temperature and Humidity Measurement/Monitoring Equipment

Protection Materials

  1. Japanese Papers, Museum grade Papers, Acid-free Papers, Film and Boards
  2. Acid Free Boxes
  3. Protection Adhesives
  4. Framing Products
  5. Repair/Protection Tapes and Adhesives
  6. Materials for Hardcover Material Repair
  7. Gas Proof Films and EvaZote Material


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