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Cultural Heritage Electronic Presentation and Digital Museum Solutions

Magic Box and Magic Touch Products

Digital Presentation Solutions

Museum Technologies:

Kiosk Solutions:

Our kiosk works, which we started in 2011, are used in museums, sales offices, shopping malls, fair stands, medical stands and event areas for information display, history narration, competition or survey studies, photobooth applications, store and campaign displays and product presentations.

It works with Windows and Ubuntu operating systems and is used as hardware in many software.

We have vertical or horizontal kiosks from 10 up to 65 feet.

Touch Wall Technologies

By creating an interactive system in the areas where we present images with projection mapping, we are establishing a technological structure by managing the wall technologies that we apply touchscreen on a single screen from 3 meters to 8 meters, while also managing the LED lights around it with software. It provides a different interactivity with the LED lights that change according to the screen concept. Our technology, which we use especially in presentations and historical narratives, is also used in museums, stores, fairs and medical stands.


Digital Signage Screens

Another feature of our software, which can offer content, flow and scheduling that can be managed from a single point, is that it can also manage the lighting in the environment. With its own automation solution, it can save money and increase interactivity with screens in presentation and interaction. It can also provide custom screen resolution in Windows-based systems and integrates with touch screen systems.


Hologram Devices

We produce pyramid or flat hologram devices. Our own production devices can be produced as pyramids from 60 cm to 4 m. Our hologram devices, which also provide content control and presentation opportunities with tablets and touch screens, can be produced with Windows and Ubuntu operating systems. Thanks to our systems we apply in museums, fairs, retail or sales offices, you can make your presentations with real 3D representation.


Photobooth Devices

Our software solutions, which we have designed for photography applications that are very trendy today, can put you side by side with the people you want to take photos with or turn your photo into a work of art. You can wear a historical outfit and take a souvenir photo with our artificial intelligence-supported software. Our systems, which we use extensively in the museum, fair, event and retail sectors, also work in kiosks with touch screen systems. Our systems, where we can send the photo taken as thermal printing, e-mail or WhatsApp, can also be integrated with photo platforms such as Instagram.



T.R. Presidential State Archives Directorate
T.R. Ministry of Defense Archives and Military History Department
T.R. Ministry of Culture
T.R. Naval Forces Command Naval Archive
T.R. General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre Land Registry Archive
Istanbul Bilgi University
Istanbul Naval Museum
Diyarbakır Cultural and Natural Heritage Ancient Virgin Mary Church