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Microfilm and Microfilm Consumables

Our company is the Turkey Business Partner of many microfilm, microfilm consumables and microfilm storage products.

Microfilms offer unparalleled performance, handling and digital-ready images. We provide a wide range of microfilm products including reproductions, source documents and Wet COM.

All silver based microfilms comply with ISO LE 500 specifications for capturing and preserving images of permanent value.

  • Archival Quality High Quality Silver Based Microfilms
  • Silver-Based Microfilms for Archival Reference Records
  • Microfilms for Silver-Based Use Copy
  • Non Silver-Based Use Copy Microfilms
  • COM Microfilms

BlueNAS offers original IMAGELINK Microfilm Storage cabinets for Milrofilm Storage, Steel Based BlueNAS Microfilm Storage Cabinets, Aluminum Based Microfilm Storage Cabinets.

BlueNAS also provides Microfilm consumables such as Developer and Fixer Fluids for Bath and Cleaning processes, Cleaning Fluids for Bath Processor cleaning and neutralization, 16/35mm Boxes and Reels, Original Guide Films, Methylene Blue Testing Services and many more.

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T.R. Presidential State Archives Directorate
T.R. Ministry of Defense Archives and Military History Department
T.R. Ministry of Culture
T.R. Naval Forces Command Naval Archive
T.R. General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre Land Registry Archive
Istanbul Bilgi University
Istanbul Naval Museum
Diyarbakır Cultural and Natural Heritage Ancient Virgin Mary Church