BlueNas offers software and hardware-based solutions for storing digital content, active protection, secure access, secure smart storage, and reliable living archiving.

Storage Solutions for Archives/Libraries

Storage Solutions for Archives/Libraries      

Our company offers appropriate storage solutions for the materials in your Archives/Libraries and Museums.

  • Heavy Duty Racking Systems
  • Light and Medium Load Rail Systems
  • Rail (Compact) Cabinet Systems
  • Aluminum and Polycarbonate based horizontal/drawer storage systems with adjustable dimensions and heights

Our archive storage systems, designed and produced according to your corporate needs, are the most suitable storage solutions for the structure of your materials.


T.R. Presidential State Archives Directorate
T.R. Ministry of Defense Archives and Military History Department
T.R. Ministry of Culture
T.R. Naval Forces Command Naval Archive
T.R. General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre Land Registry Archive
Istanbul Bilgi University
Istanbul Naval Museum
Diyarbakır Cultural and Natural Heritage Ancient Virgin Mary Church